Your app can subscribe to events from AppFriends SDK. The events/callback we will provide are:

Event name Data Description
onMessageReceived Dialog object and Message object a new message is received
onDialogCreated Dialog object a new dialog is created
onDialogChanged Dialog object a dialog has been changed
onBadgeUpdated n/a unread message count changed
onUserJoined Dialog object and 'User' object new user joined a dialog
onUserLeft Dialog object and 'User' object a user left a dialog

Subscribe to the new event

Here's a sample code to create a event handler. You can register multiple event handlers, and the SDK will callback each one of them.

// You can create a function like this which takes other functions as parameters
// Then assign the functions to the handler object and register it with AppFriends SDK
createHandlerGlobal(...args) {

    // message received handle
    let messageReceivedFunc = args[0];

    // dialog created handle
    let dialogCreatedFunc = args[1];

    // dialog updated handle
    let dialogChangedFunc = args[2];

    // unread message count change handle
    let badgeChangedFunc = args[3];

    // user joined a dialog
    let userJoinFunc = args[4];

    // user left a dialog
    let userLeftFunc = args[5];

    let DialogHandler = {
      onMessageReceived: (dialog, message) => {
        messageReceivedFunc(dialog, message);
      onDialogCreated: (dialog) => {
      onDialogChanged: (dialog) => {
      onBadgeUpdated: () => {
      onUserJoined: (dialog, user) => {
        userJoinFunc(dialog, user);
      onUserLeft: (dialog, user) =>
        userLeftFunc(dialog, user);

    // adding a handler and provide a name to the handler
    af.addDialogHandler("GLOBAL_HANDLER", DialogHandler);