What is Album?

An album is a place where we group all the images and videos sent within a dialog. All dialogs have album, except the open channels. The purpose of an album is to help user quickly browse through the past media sent within a dialog. If you use our iOS UI SDK, there is built-in Album view available to use.

image of album view

Album APIs

There are some very simple API to use for interacting with Album.

Fetching Album Items

You can get album items using the AFAlbum API:

/// fetch all album items
/// - Parameters:
///   - id: the id of the dialog containing the album items you are fetching
///   - time: the earliest time that you want to fetch from
///   - completion: completion block. Returns an array of album items if the request is successful
AFAlbum.getAllAlbumItems(fromDialog: id, startingFrom: time, completion: { (items, error) in
      if error != nil {
        // handle error
      } else {
        // fetch successful