AppFriends Android SDK

1. Create an AppFriends Application

Before start using AppFriends, you need to create an application on the dashboard Users in the same application can talk to each other and you only need one application for all the platforms you want to support. To see an sample app of how to use AppFriendsUI, please checkout our repo:

2. Integrate AppFriends SDK

Gradle Integration

AppFriends Android SDK is available as a Gradle dependency, add the following to your application's build.gradle file:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
   // AppFriends
   compile 'me.appfriends.sdk:ui:3.2.4'

Other Dependencies

AppFriends Android SDK leverages several commonly used 3rd party libraries to provide easy to use programming interface as well as a powerful set of UI components. Below is a list of important ones you should be aware of:

  • RxJava 1.x (2.x support is coming soon!) to perform many of the asynchronous operations in order to be compatible with application architectures utilizing MVP or MVVM.

  • Android Support library version 25.1.0

  • OKHttp version 3.6.0

It is recommended that you use the same or more recent versions of these libraries in order to maintain compatibility.

However, if your application uses a version of of the libraries that result in conflicts and you would like to maintain your version:

compile ('') {
 force = true;

3. AppFriends SDK Initialization

After logging into your admin panel on and creating an application, you can find your App ID and App Secret. Add them to your AndroidManifest.xml file under <application>.

   android:value="[APPFRIENDS_ID]" />

   android:value="[APPFRIENDS_SECRET]" />

AppFriends SDK must be initialized in your custom Application class:

public class MyApplication extends Application {
   public void onCreate() {

       AppFriends instance = AppFriends.getInstance();

4. Login / Sign Up

AppFriends' user system augments your existing user system through unique user ids. Please see sessions for detail

5. UI

There are a lot of ready to use UI components in the AppFriendsUI SDK. They can save you hundreds of hours of development. To learn the UI components and how to use them, please see ui components section

6. Full JavaDoc SDK Documentation

Push Notifications

Please see Push Notifications Guide